#60 Kati Patang: Top 100 Bollywood Albums

The 1970 film had music by RD Burman and iconic songs like Yeh Shaam Mastani and Yeh Jo Mohabbat Hai. Kati Patang was directed by Shakti Samanta and starred Rajesh Khanna and Asha Parekh in lead roles
#60 Kati Patang: Top 100 Bollywood Albums

Movie Details of Kati Patang 

Music: R.D. Burman

Lyrics: Anand Bakshi

Label: Saregama HMV

Director: Shakti Samanta 

The 1970 film was R D Burman's first official work as composer for the Shakti Samanta-Rajesh Khanna combo, fresh from the massive success of Aradhana the previous year (in whose music Pancham is supposed to have played a key role due to his father's illness). The junior Burman carried forward the success story for the team by delivering some amazing compositions. Though the soundtrack had a variety of songs featuring some brilliant singers, its biggest asset was without doubt Kishore Kumar and the incredible chemistry between his voice and Rajesh Khanna's onscreen persona. It came through best in the romantic tracks, but also worked splendidly in the drunken Yeh Jo Mohabbat Hai and the festive Aaj Na Chhodenge.

Best Song of Kati Patang: Yeh Shaam Mastani is one of those tracks worth revisiting any time you need a pick-me-up. Everything about the song is just perfect – my favourite bits are the whistle that open and close the song, and that third interlude where the composer employs some lovely accordion and sax (presumably by his main men Kersi Lord and Manohari Singh).

The Kati Patang Playlist:

  1. Yeh Shaam Mastani (Singer: Kishore Kumar)
  2. Pyar Deewana Hota Hai (Singer: Kishore Kumar)
  3. Mera Naam Hai Shabnam (Singers: Asha Bhosle, R. D. Burman)
  4. Yeh Jo Mohabbat Hai (Singer: Kishore Kumar)
  5. Jis Gali Mein Tera Ghar (Singer: Mukesh)
  6. Na Koi Umang Hai (Singer: Lata Mangeshkar)
  7. Aaj Na Chodenge (Singers: Kishore Kumar, Lata Mangeshkar)

Listen to the entire album of Kati Patang here:

(With contributions by Praveen VR, co-founder of musicaloud.com)

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