Vijay Varma Essentials - 5 Must-Watch Films And Shows of Vijay Varma on Streaming

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Moeen from Gully Boy

He plays Moeen, the elder brother figure to Ranveer Singh's Murad. The character's classic tragedy haunts you long after you've seen the film – and Varma gives a performance that's a cocktail of nods to movie characters and perceptive insights into human condition.

Sasya from She

Vijay Varma embodies the complex yet enigmatic nature of Sasya. His unpredictability, characterised by Varma's terrific performance, is the highlight of the show although he gets sidelined later on into the show.

Hamza from Darlings

Vijay Varma is brilliant as an awful man in this. Like a chameleon, Hamza changes colors. At home, he is horrifically controlling, but at work – he is a ticket collector – he is servile

Anand from Dahaad

The excellent Vijay Varma plays Anand like a man who weaponizes his awareness. Like someone who has read the news, studied his setting, stayed abreast with its politics, and perfected his pattern over time. Varma’s Irrfan-style calm and Nawazuddin-like edge combine to extend his Darlings character

Shatrughan/Bharat from Mirzapur

Varma's only double role so far, his performance as both brothers stole the show in season 2. Bharat's transformation into a ruthless gangster was one of the most fascinating character arcs of the season.

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