Theatre Releases This Week - 1st Jan to 7th Jan

Team FC

Anyone But You (English) - January 4

A callback to a breezier kind of romantic comedy that hinged on the insane on-screen chemistry of its leads, this Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell starrer deals with a couple whose initial curiosity in each other, gives way to an unfounded sense of boredom.

Dream Scenario (English) - January 5

This tale of a tenured college professor, who ends up being a subject of the world’s dreams is a clever take down of cancel-culture and our increasing dependence on other people’s spaces as social media gains traction.

Renaissance: A Film by Beyonce (English) - January 4

Following the humongous box office success of Taylor Swift’s feature-length concert film, it is Beyonce’s turn to come out with her version. This nonlinear tone poem will cover the Renaissance World Tour

Sarkaaru Noukari (Telugu) - January 1

This social drama features the story of an everyday government employee, who embarks on a one-man fight against the system. The film will chart the hero’s attempts at changing the ideology of the masses for social utility.

Raastha (Malayalam) - January 5

A Malayalee couple is forced to look for a missing person in the deserts of Oman. The search then catapults into a battle of survival as they get stranded in the wild deserts with nothing much going on to keep them alive.

Ole Aale (Marathi) - January 5

What happens when an estranged father and son set out on a personal trip, where they are accompanied by an enigmatic traveller? This road film features Nana Patekar, Makarand Anaspure and Siddarth Chandekar and Sayali Sanjeev in the lead roles.