The 7 Worst CGI Moments in Hindi Cinema

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Mohenjo Daro

While we have many issues with Mohejo Daro, its use of a CGI crocodile was so atrocious, the film could be charged with animal rights violations.

Jaani Dushman

The pioneer of bad CGI, Jaani Dushman's effects have been such a historical part of meme culture that they're almost endearing now.


Rudraksh has a long line of problems: Its dodgy science, its hilarious view on meditation's "healing powers" and the idea that Sanjay Dutt could pull off being a karate sensei-cum-hanuman-devotee-cum-club bouncer. But its CGI still takes the cake.


Most reels do better than the CGI in Kalank, which shows Varun Dhawan's character fighting off a decidedly comical bull.


If there's one fandom in the country that would love its superstar no matter what, Salman Khan's legion makes it to the top cream. But even Bhai feels the pressure to use CGI for the illusion of an enhanced body, leading to a sad and painfully obvious shot of six pack abs.

Coolie No. 1

Bollywood has had a long, fruitful saga with stunts on trains. But Coolie No. 1's attempt to add to that list could put the industry to shame due to its CGI.

A Flying Jatt

While Tiger Shroff has all the capabilities of playing a superhero, A Flying Jatt did him no favours with its cartoon-ish CGI.

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