Ahead of Sandeep Reddy Vanga's Animal Release, Here's Our Favorite Moments from Ranbir Kapoor's Filmography

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Rockstar | Jordan Realises Popularity Isn't the Answer

Kapoor plays a burgeoning musician, who in his naivety, wishes for deep heartbreak so that it inspires him. He gets both: The heartbreak and the fire to create good music. But neither are enough. Here Jordan stands with fans screaming to get his attention but all he can think about is how nothing is enough for him anymore.

Wake Up Sid | Sid Visits His Mom

After leaving his house in a fit of rage, Sid returns to see his mother. The scene is a tender one, with Sid learning many things about his parents: How his mother only talks in broken English so that he might spend more time with her and how his father, whom he sees as a busy and righteous man, gave him the gift of photography.

Barfi | The Lamp Post Test

Anurag Base's Barfi has much to love but we find it terribly endearing that Barfi must test each of his friendships through this specific experiment — The Lamp Post Test. Where his old flame Shruti immediately lets go of his hand when the lamp post falls, the sweet, autistic Jhilmil holds on to him. The following scene speaks volumes through silence as Barfi realises he has found his companion.

Tamasha | Ved Confronts His Father

The climax where Ved confronts his father about being chained to monotony for his whole life is arguably the most cathartic scene from Tamasha.

Ae Dil Hai Mushkil | The Wedding Invitation

Ayan, hopelessly in love with Alizeh (Anushka Sharma), gets an invitation to her wedding on call. Through tears, he tells her that he will be there and Kapoor nails this poignant heartbreak of being torn between love and friendship.

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