The 5 Running Themes in Satyajit Ray’s Films

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The indomitable human spirit

In the Apu trilogy, which consists of Pather Panchali, Aparajito and The World of Apu, we see our optimistic young protagonist grow up. Life disillusions him but his sense of hope prevails.

Traditional vs Modern

The influence of Western ideals and their clash with traditions and rituals is studied through Ray's Jalsaghar, Devi, Sadgati, and Kanchenjungha.


Through films like Ganashatru, Ray explored how corrupt politicians put people at risk for the sake of their own material gain.

Calcutta and its inhabitants

Through films like Aranyer Din Ratri, which follows four young men desperately trying to escape the hubbub of Kolkata for a while, Ray recreates the lives of people in his hometown.

The struggles of the middle class

In Ray's Mahanagar, Pratidwandi, and Seemabaddha, the filmmaker delves into the hurdles that plague the middle class. From unemployment to the government's tyranny, the films provide a poignant reflection of society.

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