5 Iconic Salman Khan Entries in Films

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As Chulbul Pandey, we first see Khan as he kicks down a door and the man standing behind it. Dressed in his police uniform, he proceeds to walk over the man's hand and saunters over to confront the rest of the gang.

Race 3

Khan's Sikander Singh paraglides to a building. He then detaches himself from the glider to fall through a glass ceiling. He seamlessly lands on his four limbs like a cat. On his way, he takes down two people with his claw-like hands.


In this movie, Khan's Devi is driving a futuristic vehicle which is part car and part motorcycle. He takes a sharp turn and hits the brakes. Inadvertently, his passenger, a stunning Jacqueline Fernandez, falls onto him, while it rains golden and silver confetti.

Tiger Zinda Hai

Khan's Tiger, armed with an axe in each hand, encounters a wolf in snow-capped mountains. He swiftly tackles the beast and emerges unscathed.


We see Radhe's silhouette before we see his face. He walks through a dingy warehouse and towards a gang of criminals. He then delivers his iconic dialogue, "Ek baar maine commitment kar di, toh fir main apne aap ki bhi nahi sunta."

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