Ranked - Carey Mulligan's Best Performances

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Cassandra Thomas - Promising Young Woman (2020)

Mulligan played a quiet woman unwilling to disrupt her own life even marginally who is forced to become an avenging angel when she learns the truth about her new boyfriend.

Sissy Sullivan - Shame (2011)

In the Steve McQueen film, Mulligan played Sissy, the protagonist's unwell sister who keeps reaching out to him for help and getting turned away.

Felicia Montealegre - Maestro (2023)

Mulligan received an Oscar nomination for playing Leonard Bernstein's long-suffering wife and companion in the composer's biopic.

Megan Twohey - She Said (2022)

Mulligan played one of the journalists who breaks the institutional silence on Harvey Weinstein's history of sexual abuse by going public with the allegations against him in this film by Maria Schrader.

Irene - Drive (2011)

In the Nicholas Winding Refn film, Mulligan played a single mother who finds herself falling in love with a stuntman who moonlights as a getaway driver.

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Jenny Mellor - An Education (2009)

Mulligan played a young, ambitious schoolgirl trying desperately to break out of her small town existence, willing to take any and every chance that appears on the horizon.

Jeanette Brinson - Wildlife (2018)

Mulligan starred as one half of a married couple in this Paul Dano film about a family whose life becomes difficult after they move to a new town and find themselves at odds with the world.

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