7 Most Successful Films Of Sridevi

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Mr. India (1987) - ZEE5

A sci-fi adventure film that became a cult classic, "Mr. India" featured Sridevi in a memorable role as a journalist. Her comedic timing and the song "Hawa Hawai" are particularly well-remembered.

Chandni (1989) - Prime Video

This romantic drama was a massive hit and is considered one of Sridevi's most iconic films. Her role as Chandni won her numerous accolades and solidified her status as a top actress in Bollywood.

Nagina (1986) - Prime Video

A fantasy thriller where Sridevi played the role of a shape-shifting serpent woman. The film was a major box office success, and Sridevi's performance, particularly her dance sequences, became legendary.

Sadma (1983) - YouTube

This emotional drama about a woman suffering from retrograde amnesia showcased Sridevi's acting prowess. Though not a huge box office hit initially, it gained critical acclaim and has since become a classic.

English Vinglish (2012) - JioCinema

Marking Sridevi's comeback after a 15-year hiatus, this film about a housewife learning English was both a critical and commercial success. Sridevi's performance was universally praised.

Lamhe (1991) - Prime Video

A bold romantic drama for its time, "Lamhe" was appreciated for its narrative and Sridevi's dual role. The film won several awards and remains one of Yash Chopra's finest works.

Himmatwala (1983) - YouTube

A remake of a Telugu film, "Himmatwala" was a blockbuster hit and contributed significantly to Sridevi's rise in Bollywood. The film's songs and dance numbers became very popular.

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