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Laapataa Ladies (2023) - Netflix

Kiran Rao directed this feature set in rural India about two brides who get lost on their way to their respective new homes, leading to a comedy of errors.

Rebel Moon Part II (2024) - Netflix

The sequel to the 2023 film directed by Zack Snyder sees the cast of characters aid a powerless community against a powerful enemy.

Bad Boy Detectives (2024) - Netflix

A spinoff of The Sandman, the show follows a detective duo who decide to not go into the afterlife and instead investigate supernatural cases on Earth.

Hanu-Man (2024) - Disney* Hotstar

The most impressive Telugu film of 2024, which is directed by Prashanth Varma and follows a young man who seeks inspiration from Lord Hanuman, is finally streaming!

Thank You, Goodnight: The Bon Jovi Story - Disney+ Hotstar

The docuseries features the life of Bon Jovi frontman John Bon Jovi as a sequence of the ups and downs that are a part of any artist's life.

Dil Dosti Dilemma - Prime Video

The show follows Asmara, a teenager who comes of age when she is packed off to her grandparents' home as a punishment and decides to pretend she is spending the vacation in Canada, a lie which has multiple consequences.

The Family Star (2024) - Prime Video

Vijay Devarakonda and Mrunal Thakur star in this romantic action drama by Parasuram.

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