6 Reasons To Watch Laapataa Ladies On Netflix

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Comedy of Errors Without Errors

Deepak and Phool, a newlywed couple, accidentally get separated during a train journey when Deepak mistakes another woman wearing the same ghoonghat as Phool. The two lost women eventually find themselves, each other, and their way back to their destiny.

Practices What it Preaches

The film shares a very strong message of patriarchy that is conditioned into women who now limit their potential and have normalized a life of compromise. The film subtly, sweetly, and kindly showcases these tropes with the message of kindness and equality.

Great Writing

Biplab Goswami's film, written by Gujarati playwright Sneha Desai, and additional dialogues by Divyanidhi Sharma delicately weaves a story where detailed situations and dialogue subtly convey its message, prioritizing entertainment and plot development.

Fresh Faces

The debutant actors Pratibha Ranta, Sparsh Srivastava, and Nitanshi Goel are phenomenal in the film. You see them as the character and understand them for who they are. They play a crucial part in conveying the story and message as smoothly as a butter knife and not a cleaver.

Great Performances

Every cast member plays their role with nuance and ease. Ravi Kishan scores as the corrupt cop Manohar. Chhaya Kadam has lifted the film with her role as Manju Maai. These people make the film human and relatable.

Comedy - Emotional- Drama

The film has taken care of your emotions and feelings too. It has a punchline, an emotional scene, or some drama at regular intervals to keep you hooked. It’s a great mixture of art and a masala film. The film is made for the masses so that the message reaches the masses.

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