Movies That Take Place In The Night

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Before Sunrise (1995) 

This romance drama directed by Richard Linklater is the first film of a trilogy. The story follows a lovely coincidence when Jesse, a man from America and Celine, a French woman meet on a train. The two spend an entire night exploring Vienna and getting to know each other. 

Kaithi (2019) 

This film directed by Lokesh Kanagaraj is the story of Dilli, an ex-convict who wants to meet his daughter for the first time after leaving prison. Unfortunately, his plan is wrecked due to getting involved in a drug raid planned by Inspector Bejoy.

Night Drive (2022) 

This thriller directed by Abhilash Pillai is the story of a  young couple who were out to enjoy a night drive when they get into an accident that leads to a darker spiral of events involving an investigative cop and politics. 

After Hours (1985) 

This comedy thriller directed by Martin Scorsese is one of his most differently unique stories from his filmography. The story is of an ordinary man with an ordinary job. However, he experiences an extremely strange night after he meets a girl that evening at a coffee shop.

NH10 (2015) 

This action thriller film directed by Navdeep Singh is the story of Meera, a corporate worker from Gurugram. She and her husband are on a road trip when they encounter a girl who was being chased. From there, we watch the story unfold into a dark web of ill fated incidents. 

Chippa (2018) 

This coming of age drama film directed by Safdar Rahman is a very touching story. We follow the journey of a little boy, Chippa who lives on the streets of Calcutta. Right before his tenth birthday Chippa, who can’t read yet, decides to find his father with the help of a mysterious letter left by him. 

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