Genre Breakdown | Horror

Team FC


Films in this genre draw from local legends, myths, and old world belief.


This type of horror revolves around distortions of the human body.


According to The New York Public Library, gothic horror is a genre that deals with “the battle between humanity and unnatural forces of evil (sometimes man-made, sometimes supernatural) within an oppressive, inescapable, and bleak landscape.”


A horror sub-genre that meets certain criteria, including an effective killer, a high body count, and non-firearm weapons.

Horror Comedy

A sub-genre that sets blood, gore, and screams right next to gags, prat falls, and laughs.


Is a genre whose purpose is to create feelings of fear, dread, repulsion, and terror in the audience using supernatural elements such as witches, vampires, werewolves etc,

Found Footage

Is a cinematic technique in which all or a substantial part of the work is presented as if it were discovered film or video recordings.


Closely related to the demonic subgenre it focuses on characters who aren’t living beings. Spirits and ghosts spook viewers and create fear without a physical presence on screen.


This subgenre of horror cleverly messes with what's inside us, making us feel uneasy and outside of the norm.