From Guddu Bhaiya To Zafar - 5 Phenomenal Performances By Ali Fazal

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Guddu Bhaiya - Mirzapur

As Guddu Bhaiya in "Mirzapur," Ali Fazal portrays a complex character torn between power and morality in the lawless world of Uttar Pradesh's crime syndicate.

Joy Lobo - 3 Idiots

Ali Fazal's portrayal of Joy Lobo in "3 Idiots" showcases his versatility as an actor, capturing the innocence and brilliance of a young engineering student who tragically takes his own life.

Abdul Karim - Victoria & Abdul

In "Victoria & Abdul," Ali Fazal shines as Abdul Karim, depicting the heartwarming relationship between a humble Indian clerk and Queen Victoria in a story of unlikely friendship.

Ravi Mohan - Khufiya

Ali Fazal's role as Ravi Mohan in "Khufiya" delves into the thrilling world of espionage, showcasing his skills as an undercover agent in a high-stakes spy drama.

Zafar - Fukrey

As Zafar Bhai in "Fukrey," Ali Fazal delivers humor and charm as a member of a group of friends navigating the chaotic and comical world of Delhi's underground.

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