7 Underrated Movies Of Irrfan Khan

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The Warrior (2011)

It stars Irrfan Khan as Lafcadia, a fierce warrior who renounces violence after a spiritual awakening. The film follows Lafcadia's journey as he tries to find his place in the world and to make amends for the past.

The Namesake (2006)

Irrfan Khan gives a nuanced and moving performance as Ashoke Ganguli, a man who names his son Gogol after the great writer. When Gogol grows up, he starts to dislike his name because it feels like a curse and so he starts hating his father.

Puzzle (2018)

Irrfan Khan surprises and delights in the role of Robert, a witty and charming art dealer who helps a woman discover her hidden talent for jigsaw puzzles

Sunday (2008)

In Rohit Shetty's Debut Comedy Film Irrfan Khan brings warmth and humor to the role of Kumar Mangat, a struggling actor who finds himself caught up in a series of misadventures on a single fateful day. Sunday.

Billu (2009)

Irrfan Khan is charming and likable as Billu the barber, a small-town man who becomes an overnight celebrity when a famous actor comes to his village to shoot a film as he claims that the actor is his childhood friend.

Qissa (2013)

Irrfan Khan gives a tour-de-force performance as Umber Singh, a man who goes to great lengths to conceal the truth about his past.

Krazzy 4 (2008)

Irrfan Khan is hilarious and endearing as Dr. Mukherjee, a psychiatrist who is treating three patients with different mental disorders.

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