Everything Releasing This Week In Theatres (August 14th to August 20th)

Team FC

Ghoomer (Hindi)

When: August 18

Ghoomeris a tale about hope, perseverance and not letting life get in the way of your dreams. The film deals with the inspirational journey of a female cricketer who loses her right hand in an accident.

Jailer (Malayalam)

When: August 18

Malayalam cinema’s Jailer (2023), based on a real-life incident, deals with a jailer who decides to do a series of real-time social experiments with a bunch of criminals under his custody.

Blue Beetle (English)

When: August 18 

DCis returning with Blue Beetle,the latest addition to their growing roster of super heroes. The film adapted based on the character from the comics that first came out in the year 2006.

Non Stop Dhamal (Hindi)

When: August 18

The film deals with a struggling director and writer, teaming up to find a producer for their film. Will they find a star? The film stars an extended cast of veteran comedians like Annu Kapoor, Manoj Dhoshi, Asrani and Rajpal Yadhav among others, directed by Irshad Khan. 

3 Ekka (Gujarati)

When: August 18

Three friends, plagued by some financial issues, decide to make some money by turning an ordinary house into a gambling den but end up having to face bigger challenges from within and outside their new business.