Critically Successful: 5 Iconic 300+ Crore-club Hindi Films That Are More Than Just Blockbusters

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The pandemic's aftermath left Hindi film industry reeling and its theatres empty. Shah Rukh Khan's Pathaan, amid boycotts on social media for featuring a saffron-coloured bikini in a song, opened to a thunderous release and began its journey towards the highest grossing Hindi film ever made.

Baahubali 2

Perhaps SS Rajamouli's ascent was clear once Baahubali took the nation by storm. It's sequel, Baahubali 2, was so highly anticipated that it rose to becoming the highest grossing Hindi (dubbed) film ever, an achievement it held on to for almost six years before being overtaken by Pathaan.


Dangal's success proves that good writing and great acting performances (even when they come from new faces) are enough to create a film that not only rakes in the bucks but also leaves a lasting impact.


Another film that received tremendous backlash for its biting and humorous commentary on the business of blind faith in the country, PK raised questions that might (unfortunately) remain relevant for a long time.


Sanjay Leela Bhansali's epic inspired by the rajput queen Padmavati saw some of the fiercest protests against its release. Bhansali was manhadled, his sets were vandalised and a bounty was announced for his head. Upon release, Padmaavat was such a roaring success that it was more than an answer for all those who called for its boycott.

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