Best Female Villains in Bollywood Films

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Kamini in Karz (1980)

On the day of her wedding, Kamini Varma (Simi Garewal) takes control of the jeep and crashes into her new husband Ravi, throwing him off the edge of a cliff. At the end of the film, she ends up driving off the cliff and falling to her own death.

Anuradha in Khal-Naaikaa (1993)

In Khal-Naaikaa, Anu Aggarwal’s character pretends to be a nanny and attempts to get revenge on Jaya, the woman she holds responsible for the death of her unborn baby and husband. At one point, she even holds a knife to the throat of Jaya’s baby.

Isha in Gupt: The Hidden Truth (1997)

When easy-going Sahil (Bobby Deol) is framed for murder, he attempts to find the real culprit, completely unaware that his possessive girlfriend Isha is behind the killings. Kajol became the first woman ever to win the Filmfare Award for Best Performance in a Negative Role for this performance.

The woman in Kaun? (1999)

Urmila Matondkar is terrifyingly unhinged as the nameless woman in this Ram Gopal Varma thriller. The viewer is led to believe she is a frightened young woman, reluctant to leave her house because there is a serial killer at large. No one suspects for a moment that the killer is actually a woman. 

Simi in Andhudhan (2018)

At one point in Andhadhun, a character refers to Simi (played by Tabu) as ‘Lady Macbeth’. When she is caught red-handed in the murder of her husband, she stops at nothing to get rid of anyone who might implicate her for her crimes. 

Naina in Badla (2019)

Naina (Taapsee Pannu) is accused of the murder of her lover. For much of the film, she pleads innocent of the crime, but it is ultimately revealed that she is actually guilty, and feels no remorse for the people she has killed in cold blood.

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