Worst VFX Scenes in Bollywood Films

Team FC

Kalank (2019)

Kalank's VFX, notably in Zafar's bullfight sequences, suffered from a lack of realism, with computer-generated elements failing to seamlessly blend into the live-action scenes.

Flying Jatt (2016)

Flying Jatt's flying sequences disappointed due to subpar VFX, featuring unconvincing animations that detracted from the film's overall visual appeal and left audiences underwhelmed.

Adhipurush (2023)

The teaser of Adhipurush faced backlash for its unimpressive VFX in depicting mythological characters, such as Lord Ram, revealing a lack of finesse in rendering supernatural elements.

Mission Raniganj (2023)

Mission Raniganj's action scenes were marred by lackluster VFX, particularly in explosions and high-stakes moments, where the integration of computer-generated effects with practical elements fell short.

Ganapath (2023)

Ganapath faced criticism for its unimpressive VFX, notably in scenes showcasing the protagonist's superhuman abilities, where the computer-generated effects failed to deliver the expected visual spectacle.

Krrish 3 (2013)

Krrish 3 received mixed reviews for its VFX, with climactic battle scenes earning praise, but the portrayal of mutant characters falling short in visual quality and refinement.

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