7 YouTube Channels Every Movie Lover Should Know

Team FC

Now You See It

"Now You See It" offers an engaging and informative exploration of film techniques and themes, making learning about cinema as enjoyable as watching a movie.


"CineFix" is a popular YouTube channel known for its entertaining video listicles covering a wide range of film-related topics, from movie props to adaptations.

Filmmaker IQ

"Filmmaker IQ" serves as a comprehensive resource for technical aspects of filmmaking, delving into camera lens history, color evolution in movies, and even quirky topics like pet TV-watching habits.

Renegade Cut

"Renegade Cut" is a thought-provoking web series that critically examines films from a socio-political and philosophical perspective, offering insightful analyses of the ideologies portrayed in cinema.

Channel Criswell

"Channel Criswell," led by Lewis Bond, is a go-to destination for in-depth film analysis, particularly focusing on the distinctive styles of renowned directors like Ozu, Kubrick, Tarkovsky, and Villeneuve.

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