5 Best Time Travel Movies You Should Watch This Weekend

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Interstellar (2014) - JioCinema

Directed by Christopher Nolan, this epic space and time travel film explores the quest for a new habitable planet.

Looper (2012) - MX Player

In this science fiction thriller, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis play the same character at different ages in a time-travel twist.

Predestination (2014) - Prime Video

A mind-bending science fiction film that delves deep into the complexities of time travel and identity.

The Butterfly Effect (2004) - YouTube

Starring Ashton Kutcher, this film explores the consequences of changing the past through the eyes of a man who can travel through time within his own memories.

The Time Traveler's Wife (2009) - Prime Video

This romantic drama explores the challenges of a relationship between a time-traveling man and his wife, based on the best-selling novel.

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