7 Underrated Bollywood Thrillers on ZEE5

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7. Blurr (2022)

Despite its intriguing exploration of blurred realities and psychological twists, It offer a unique cinematic experience that tends to be overlooked in the landscape of suspenseful films.

6. Mrs Undercover (2023)

Mrs Undercover offers an underrated espionage thriller on ZEE5, blending action with suspense, yet it often escapes the spotlight despite its noteworthy attempt to bring a female-centric spy narrative.

5. U Turn (2023)

U Turn skillfully navigates the complexities of fate and choices, creating a suspenseful atmosphere, but it remains overshadowed despite its commendable storytelling and suspenseful sequences.

4. Gunehgaar (2022)

Despite its intriguing exploration of guilt and redemption, leaving its thought-provoking narrative and unexpected twists underrated in the realm of Bollywood suspense.

3. Siya (2022)

Underrated thriller that skillfully blends mystery and drama, offering a fresh perspective on relationships and secrets, yet it remains underappreciated despite its engaging plot and nuanced character development.

2. Chup: Revenge of the Artist (2022)

An underrated Bollywood thriller weaving a tale of revenge within the world of art, providing a unique and suspenseful experience that often goes unnoticed despite its intriguing storyline.

1. Sirf Ek Bandaa Kaafi Hai (2023)

It is an underrated thriller that explores the consequences of a single decision, delving into the psychological complexities of its characters, yet it remains overlooked despite its gripping narrative and compelling performances.

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