Controversial Web Series That Are Available On OTT

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7. Tandav - Prime Video

Tandav stirred political controversy for its portrayal of political figures, resulting in calls for censorship and legal action due to allegations of insulting religious sentiments and portraying political scenarios.

6. Hasmukh - Netflix

Hasmukh faced mixed reviews and controversy for its dark comedy centered around a stand-up comedian who resorts to murder for material, with debates surrounding the show's handling of sensitive topics like violence and humor.

5. A Suitable Boy - Netflix

A Suitable Boy sparked controversy for its depiction of interfaith relationships in post-independence India, leading to complaints and legal actions against the streaming platform for allegedly hurting religious sentiments.

4. Indian Matchmaking - Netflix

It faced backlash for its approach to arranged marriages, criticized for reinforcing stereotypes and perpetuating gender biases, raising questions about the ethical implications of reality TV in the context of cultural practices.

3. Aashram - MX Player

Aashram generated controversy for its portrayal of religious leaders and their alleged wrongdoings, leading to legal challenges and accusations of hurting religious sentiments.

2. Paatal Lok - Prime Video

Paatal Lok faced scrutiny for its gritty depiction of crime and socio-political issues, with some critics praising its realism while others accused it of perpetuating stereotypes and glorifying violence.

1. Sacred Games 2 - Prime Video

The second season of Sacred Games stirred controversy for its bold storytelling, explicit content, and portrayal of religious and political figures, sparking debates about artistic freedom and cultural sensitivity.

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