7 Subtle Meanings Decoded in Imtiaz Ali's Rockstar

Bhavya Mittal


As Heer promised Janardan that he will have to drink alcohol when he is with her. In the end when He is alone, Jordan turns to alcohol as a means of evoking Heer's presence.

Disruption for Growth

If Janardan was not pushed out of his house by his family he would’ve never become Jordan the rockstar. His forced isolation fostered his growth. Kudos to his sister who hands him his guitar which is symbolic of “the only family member who supported him."


A bike is a vehicle with space for only 2 people and no one else. The bike is symbolic that this journey is only between the two, Heer and Jordan. Their own world. There is no space for anyone else.

His Screams Are Musical

Take Nadaan Parinde for example. Whenever the music before the Verses plays, I can hear Jordan screaming in the background with the music. His screams match the beat and add depth to his music. Even in Sadda Haq.

Magic Touch

In the End When Jordon is in the hospital, he tries the magic touch but it does not work. He became aware of his magic touch and used it to his advantage. Often with magic, if you become aware of it and use it to your advantage - it goes away. Magic is only present in the absence of you.

Maddy Was Right

Out of all the “rules of the world” becoming “problems of separation”, the end was personal as it was Jordan who got Heer pregnant. And Heer died because she was pregnant. A=B and B=C so A=C. Jordan did not but he did kill Heer. He will live with that. 

The Burning Guitar

The Duality of Fire and Water. The burning Guitar represents Jordan Burning. He burns his art with the fire in him. He (the burning Jordan)  is sitting in water, seeing first water drops from the shower and then the Burning guitar, the gap might seem short but it isn’t.

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