Kun Faya Kun: Decoding the Spiritual Essence

Bhavya Mittal

Jab Kahi Pe Kuch Nahi Bhi Nahi Tha. Wahi Tha

If nothing exists then it indicates that something exists. Nothing is the absence of something. Something is the absence of nothing. When this duality didn't exist. God did. The purity of being is reached when we transcend the dual nature of the world and the mind, we reach God.

Aaja Khaalipan Mein, Pi Ka Ghar Tera. Tere Bin Khaali Aaja, Khaalipan Kein

God is not someone out there, up above in the sky watching over us. Enter the emptiness; that's where God abides. It's empty without you, and your presence completes it. Don't run away from it; embrace the emptiness, for within it, God resides.

Tune Mujhko Banaya, Main Toh Jag Ko Na Bhaya. Tune Gale Se Lagaya

The seeker finally accepts that God made them but the world did not like them for who they are. It indicates the power of accepting yourself for who you are. As Oscar Wilde said "Be yourself, Everyone else is taken."

Karde Mujhe, Mujhse Hi Riha

It is the same meaning as what Saint Kabir said, "When I was, God Wasn't, When God is, I am not. The lane of love is so narrow that both of us can't stay together". In order to truly witness your true self, one has to transcend the I (Ego).

Mann Ke Mere Yeh Bhram, Kache Mere Yeh Karm

Jordan Pleads to god as he acknowledges the illusion he lives in created by the mind and his actions are immature. His reservoir of trust helps him surrender to god to lead him.

Rangreza! Rang Mera Tann Mera Mann

"O Painter, grace my body and mind with your divine brushstrokes," the qawwals implore, pleading for the essence of God to bless them. They seek the infusion of divinity into their thoughts and actions, yearning for their body and mind to be a canvas painted with the sacred.

Kun Faya Kun - Be, and It is

Kun Faya Kun becomes the answer for everything that is asked for in the song. Don't try to become. Be, and it is. You don't get what you want. You get who you are. Kun Faya Kun.

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