7 Peaceful Melodies by Zakir Hussain

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Drut Teentaal

The 'teental', one of the most common taals in Hindustani music, has been used expertly by Ustaad Zakir Hussain on this classical track.


One of the slower, calmer tracks of the ustaad takes you on a revitalising journey that seems to encapsulate the beauty of cultural Indian music, clocking in at over 25 minutes.

Teen Taal

One of his most peaceful works is the Teen Taal, come get lost in the soothing world of this Zakir Hussain melody that is simply timeless.

Punjabi Dhamar

The increasing and decreasing tempo of the tabla paired with the sparse yet soothing voice of Zakir Hussain makes this track an engaging and peaceful listen.

Matta Taal

The 'King of Tabla' shows his exemplary skill on this relatively nuanced track that is a testament of his range on the tabla.

Dadra Taal

A serene track that has its focus on the instrumentations of the taal, which has been experimented on in impeccable fashion by the ustaad, with increasing tempo as the track progresses.

Roopak Taal

A very beautiful melody is performed by Ustaad Zakir Hussain on this track, mesmerising our ears with admirable speed and a memorable song.

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