7 Most Played Ed Sheeran Songs on Spotify

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Perfect - 2,857,727,767

This is a song from the Divide album in 2017. It was recorded with strings orchestration from his brother Matthew Sheeran as it was the final wish of their grandmother to see the brothers working together before she died.

Shape of You - 3,811,839,721

This is song was one of the double singles released from the album Divide in 2017. This was a highly successful song upon release and still remains as a often heard tune.

Photograph - 2,447,727,719

This is a song from the studio album, Mulitply in 2014. Ed Sheeran wrote the song with Johnny McDaid, from Snow Patrol. The song discusses long-distance relationships inspired by Ed Sheeran's own experience.

Shivers - 1,498,683,172

This is a song from the Equals album, released in September 2021. With the writing of this song, Ed Sheeran says he wanted to capture the feeling of spark when you meet somebody for the first time.

Thinking out Loud - 2,442,088,052

This song was written by Ed Sheeran and Amy Wadge, it released as part of the Multiple album in 2014 had has been popular since. Ed Sheeran revealed that he had his grandparent's love story in mind while writing the song.

Bad Habits - 1,703,765,803

This song released on 25 June 2021, as part of the Equals album. Ed Sheeran points out that "If you sing that song on a piano really slowly, it’s like a confessional song about addiction".

Eyes Closed - 340,220,017

This is the lead single from the album Subtract in 2023.The song pays tribute to his close friend Jamal Edwards, who died in February 2022 from a drug overdose.

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