7 Popular Songs Written by Billie Eilish

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Happier Than Ever

Billie Eilish's emotive vocals convey a spectrum of emotions, from melancholy to empowerment, over a stripped-down melody. The poignant lyrics reflect on the complexities of relationships and personal growth, resonating with listeners on a deeply personal level.

What Was I Made For?

Billie Eilish's introspective lyrics coupled with her ethereal vocals, showcase her ability to evoke deep emotion. The song was featured in the film "Barbie" (2023) and Won the Oscar (2024) for Best Original Song.


Billie Eilish's song "TV" is a captivating exploration of themes of identity and self-awareness. With her signature whispery vocals and introspective lyrics, Eilish delves into the complexities of modern life and the disconnect fostered by excessive screen time.

lovely (with Khalid)

Billie Eilish's haunting vocals in "Lovely" resonate with a poignant vulnerability, perfectly complemented by Khalid's soulful delivery. The atmospheric melody and introspective lyrics create a captivating musical landscape.


Billie Eilish's introspective ballad "Bored" showcases her unique ability to capture the ennui and restlessness of youth through poignant lyrics and a minimalist arrangement.

i love you

Billie Eilish's tender ballad "I Love You" explores the vulnerability and uncertainty of love, with her emotive vocals conveying a sense of longing and heartache. The stripped-down instrumentation allows Eilish's raw emotion to shine through.

No Time to Die

Billie Eilish's haunting theme song for the James Bond film "No Time to Die" showcases her mature vocals and emotive delivery. The atmospheric arrangement and evocative lyrics capture the suspense and romance of the iconic spy franchise.

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