7 Mexican Movies You Shouldn't Miss

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Y tu mamá también (2001)

Two pals, Tenoch and Julio, spin tales of a make-believe road adventure to Luisa, a captivating older woman. When Luisa eagerly joins the escapade, the boys scramble to pull together last-minute plans.

Pan's Labyrinth (2006)

Ofelia relocates with her mother to her stepfather's residence. During the night, she encounters a fairy who guides her to a faun. The faun reveals her royal lineage and assigns her three tasks to establish her rightful status as a princess.

Amores Perros (2000)

A novice in the world of dog fighting, a renowned supermodel, and a retired assassin each grapple with the quest for love, their paths unexpectedly intertwined by a tragic car accident in Mexico City, altering their lives forever.

Like Water For Chocolate (1992)

Tita's heart belongs to Pedro, yet tradition dictates she cannot wed until her mother passes away. To express her love, she prepares spicy dishes for him.

Roma (2018)

Cleo is one of two domestic workers assisting Antonio and Sofía in caring for their four children in 1970s Mexico City. Things take a twist when Antonio abruptly flees with his mistress, leaving Cleo to confront the news of her own pregnancy.

The Golden Dream (2013)

Three adolescents opt to depart their hometown, seeking a brighter future in the United States. Along the journey, their lives take unexpected turns.

Workers (2013)

Rafael and Lidia dedicate their lives to working in Tijuana, only to face injustice that violates their rights and dignity. Rafael sues his company when he is denied retirement, and Lidia sues her employers when they leave their fortune to a dog.

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