7 Latin American TV Shows on Netflix

Team FC

The House of Flowers (2018)

In this darkly comedic Spanish series, a dysfunctional family runs a prestigious flower shop while harboring secrets that threaten to unravel their carefully curated facade, leading to scandalous revelations and unexpected twists in their tangled web of lies and deception.

3% (2016)

Set in a dystopian future where only 3% of candidates can escape poverty by passing a series of brutal tests, this Brazilian thriller follows a group of young adults navigating moral dilemmas, betrayal, and the pursuit of a better life in a cutthroat society.

Control Z

When a hacker begins exposing students' darkest secrets at a prestigious Mexican high school, a socially awkward teenager takes it upon herself to uncover the culprit's identity, delving into a world of intrigue, manipulation, and the dark side of social media.

Club de Cuervos (2015)

In this irreverent Mexican comedy-drama, a dysfunctional sibling rivalry erupts when the patriarch of a wealthy family dies, leaving his two children to compete for control of the family's beloved soccer team, sparking a hilarious and chaotic battle for power and prestige.


1994 (2019)

Through a mix of archival footage and interviews, this gripping docuseries explores the tumultuous events of 1994 in Mexico, including the assassination of a presidential candidate, the rise of political corruption, and the societal upheaval that followed.

The 43 (2019)

This investigative docuseries delves into the disappearance of 43 students from a rural Mexican college in 2014, unraveling the layers of corruption, complicity, and impunity that have shrouded the case, while shedding light on the families' tireless quest for truth and justice.

The Inmate (2018)

After being wrongfully convicted for his wife's murder, a former marine must navigate the dangerous underworld of a corrupt Mexican prison, where he becomes entangled in a web of rivalries, alliances, and dark secrets, as he fights to prove his innocence and survive behind bars.