7 Low-Budget Blockbuster South Indian Films

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2018: Everyone is a Hero (2023) - Sony Liv

2018 was shot on a budget of around 26 crores and grossed 177 crores, making it the most successful Malayalam film of all time. 2018 is a cinematic accomplishment that genuinely made the unthinkable possible.

Love Today (2022) - Netflix

Even with a meager budget of 5–6 crores, the film made nearly 57 crores at the box office. Filmmaker Pradeep Ranganathan did not cut corners on the movie's quality, even though he used visual effects a lot.

'96 (2018) - AHA

96 tells the story of two high school sweethearts meet at a reunion after 22 years and was made with a budget of Rs 18 crore and made a collection of Rs 55 crore.

Kantara (2022) - Netflix

Although Kantara is an incredible film for many reasons, its 16 crore budget may be its most baffling feature. With 398 crores in total revenue, Kantara is the second-highest grossing Kannada film ever.

777 Charlie (2022) - JioCinema

As if it wasn't difficult enough to make a dog act for the camera, the filmmakers only had a budget of 20 crores to complete the shoot. 777 Charlie grossed 71 crores during its theatrical run.

Jersey (2019) - Amazon Prime Video

Jersey tells the story of a talented but failed cricketer, decides to return to cricket in his late thirties. It had a budget of around ₹30 crore and grossed over ₹100 crore at the box office.

Bangalore Days (2014) - Disney+Hotstar

Bangalore Days tell a story about cousins: Divya, Kuttan and Arjun, fulfil their childhood dream of relocating to Bangalore. The film was made on a budjet of 8 crore and made 45 crore at the box office.

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