7 Mind Refreshing South Comedy Films

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Soodhu Kavvum (Tamil) - ZEE5

A dark comedy about a group of small-time criminals who accidentally get involved in a kidnapping scheme, leading to hilarious chaos and unexpected twists.

Premalu (Malayalam) - aha

With perfect casting all around and a special talent to handle deep matters with loads of comedy, Premalu reinstates Girish AD as one of the most exciting Malayali filmmakers around and an auteur of the absolute sweetest kind.

Pelli Choopulu (Telugu) - N/A

Two unlikely individuals, a laid-back guy and an ambitious girl, meet for an arranged marriage meeting, but their unconventional encounter leads to a series of comedic misadventures and self-discovery.

Jathi Ratnalu (Telugu) - Prime Video

Three clueless friends from a small town accidentally get involved in politics and find themselves in hilarious situations as they navigate the chaotic world of Indian politics.

Kirik Party (Kannada) - N/A

Set against the backdrop of a college campus, this comedy follows the misadventures of a group of friends as they navigate love, friendship, and mischief, leading to uproarious moments and life lessons.

Michael Madana Kama Rajan (Tamil) - aha

A laugh riot featuring quadruplets separated at birth who reunite under chaotic circumstances, leading to a comedy of errors involving mistaken identities, love triangles, and uproarious situations.

Vettam (Malayalam) - N/A

When a young man hires a mentally challenged man to pretend to be his girlfriend's missing fiancé, their antics result in a series of comedic misunderstandings and heartfelt moments.

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