7 Greatest Entertainers Of All Time

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Buster Keaton

Modern stunt choreography and physical comedy owes a debt to Keaton, whose inventiveness on both fronts, as well as his dead-pan look, made him stand out for all the right reasons in the early days of cinema.

Charlie Chaplin

Perhaps the greatest entertainer ever captured on celluloid, Chaplin belonged to the audience's unlike any other before or after him. His characters were always memorable, and he built upon their familiarity with him to much acclaim.

Raj Kapoor

India's Showman made his cinema a vehicle for national policy and entertainment in one, depicting Nehruvian India in a lighthearted but broadly appealing way that won him fans domestically and overseas.

Tom Hanks

The American Man is what Hanks has come to epitomise in his decades of acting, playing every role with a committed simplicity that makes each character seem like someone the audience knows.

Jackie Chan

A pathbreaker in terms of the roles that were offered to Asians in Hollywood, Chan is also to be commended for his commitment to the martial arts and the children's films he has done so many of over the years.

Jim Carrey

Carrey's funnyman antics are a breath of fresh air even now, that is the unique selling point the actor in him so wonderfully exploits.

Shah Rukh Khan

Khan has played a variety of roles in different types of cinema for over three decades and in doing so has won the hearts of over a billion people.

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