Popular Indian Actors That Are Now Forgotten

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Balraj Sahni

Sahni trained on the fly, taking to theatre in the early 40s before becoming a tour de force of a film actor, delivering compelling performances in films like Do Bigha Zamin, Haqeeqat, and Garm Hava.

I.S. Johar

A talented actor and filmmaker, Johar was unlikely to become typecast as a comic player, but he did those roles memorably, just as he did his brief appearance in David Lean's Lawrence of Arabia.


Bollywood's best idea of a police officer was this splendid actor who commanded your attention with his crisp delivery and terrific screen presence. Not to be pigeonholed, Iftekhar played a variety of characters through his storied career.


An acclaimed leading man of his time, Ajit was the rare actor to transition from hero to villain, and the latter is how he is best remembered by younger audiences.

Johnny Walker

Walker played a drunken funnyman too many times to be recounted, but despite the cruel typecasting, he managed to deliver something unique and memorable each time, be it in C.I.D. or in Chachi 420.


A powerhouse of talent and beauty, Madhubala was an actress unlike any other of her generation, equally at ease in heavy dramas like Mughal-e-Azam and comedies like Half Ticket.


A fashion icon of her time, Sadhana was also quite the blend of acting skills, pulling off the Mystery Girl avatar with ease and also doing justice to the more conventional films she dabbled in.

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