7 Famous Poems of Harivansh Rai Bachchan

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'Madhur prateeksha hi itni, priye tum aate toh kya hota?'

A lover sits in wait, ruminating and imagining. If he could listen to her music in the quiet night? If she had decided the time they would meet again? If she had seen him return to his silent hut at the ends of the day? then what would happen?


'Yeh mahaan drishya hai, chal raha manushya hai, ashru, shweet, rakht se lath path.'

Famously used in the Amitabh Bachchan film 'Agneepath'. A poem that calls to the inner strength of man, to endure the suffering of life, to walk the path of fire.

Na Tum So Rahi Ho, Na Main So Raha Hoon

'Na tum so rahi ho, na main so raha hoon, magar yamini beech mein dhal rahi hai'

The night passes by while two lovers stay awake. He is restless, lamenting the world for standing between them, overwhelmed by a wave of emotions.

Main Jeevan Mein Kuch Kar Na Saka

A man laments his inability to achieve anything in life. All his efforts fall short. He can only repent.

Akanksha RHWG


'Andheri raat mein, deepak jalaye kaun baitha hai?'

A sweet ode to the effervescent beauty of fireflies. In this dark stormy night, where the moon and the stars are hidden behind the clouds, all the lamps extinguished, where is the light coming from?

Kehte Hai, Taare Gaate Hai!

The stars sing a song every night that man can't hear. Only feel the tears of the stars in the morning dew.

Madhushala (Bar)

'Musalman aur Hindu ho do, ek magar ho unka pyaala'

Inspired by Omar Khayyam's rubaiyat, Madhushala, explores the complexities of life, both internal and external, through the imagination of a drunkard. Using hala (wine), saaki (Server/mystical friend), pyaala (glass) and madhushala (bar) as recurring metaphors and lyrical tools.

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