Amitabh Bachchan Beyond the Angry Young Man

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The actor is a 12-year-old boy with progeria, who is being raised by a single mother and is hell-bent on discovering his father's identity.


In this Shoojit Sircar film, a father and daughter grow closer while on a road trip to Kolkata, their hometown.


In this film directed by Vivek Sharma, a young boy finds a friend in a cantankerous ghost when his family moves into a new house.

Bunty Aur Babli

In this film directed by Shaad Ali, the actor is a police commissioner trying to catch an infamous duo of thieves.


In this film, Raj and his wife Pooja are treated with disrespect by their children after he retires.

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In this Mani Ratnam directorial, the actor is Velu, who witnesses the murder of his father.