7 Blockbuster Malayalam Films on OTT

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Premalu (2024) - Disney+ Hotstar

A romantic comedy set in Hyderabad, Premalu follows Sachin, a Kerala graduate. Instead of moving to the UK, he joins a GATE course in Hyderabad and falls for Reenu Roy, an IT professional.

Bramayugam (2024) - Disney+ Hotstar

Bramayugam is set in 17th century Malabar. Thevan, a novice singer, escapes slavers and discovers an eerie forest household with a seemingly kind master.

Abraham Ozler (2024) - Disney+ Hotstar

Abraham Ozler focuses on ACP Trichur, veteran cop Abraham Ozler. He tackles a serial killer case that leads to a mysterious investigation.

Drishyam 2 (2021) - Prime Video

Drishyam 2 continues the story of Vijay Salgaonkar's family haunted by past events. The police use new methods to reopen the case, adding to their fears.

Kumbalangi Nights (2019) - Prime Video

Kumbalangi Nights delves into the love-hate relationship between four brothers. Their bond strengthens when they support Bobby in love.

Joji (2021) - Prime Video

Joji is about an ambitious engineering dropout, Joji, from a wealthy family. His greed drives him to drastic measures after an unexpected family event.

Manjummel Boys (2024) - Disney+ Hotstar on May 3

Manjummel Boys follows friends on a Kodaikanal vacation. Facing unexpected mishaps and challenges in Guna Caves, they launch a daring rescue for a trapped friend.

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