6 Reasons to Watch Merry Christmas

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Raghavan Noir

Sriram Raghavan is known for his impeccable black comedy and neo noir style of filmmaking. All his characters are so well observed, written and executed. Merry Christmas is exciting because after 5 years after Andhadhun, we get to see a new Sriram Raghavan film.

The Exciting Cast

Katrina and Vijay's lead pairing is a very exciting crossover and the film has other interesting characters played by a great looking cast. The best part is that some of the cast is also different in the Tamil version.

Movie Plot

The stories by Sriram Raghavan are famous for being exciting and layered. With this film, he has also decided to make it a packed story that unfolds within one night, Christmas Eve.

The Music

The music of this film has a lot of character and carries the spirit of the story through. The song, Nazar Teri Toofan is a lovely song that is just as good in Tamil, titled Anbe Vidai.

The Two Versions

During Promotions, Sriram Raghavan mentions the process of how both the versions of the film were shot simultaneously. The two versions of the film have some interesting changes in the cast as well.

Production Design

This film is set in Mumbai during Christmas time, there is nothing more warm and cosy that the visuals of a Christmas movie. In Merry Christmas, there is a use of a lot interesting objects and spaces to create the world of the film.

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