6 Reasons To Watch Guntur Kaaram

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Striking Comeback of Mahesh Babu

"Guntur Kaaram" marks Mahesh Babu's return, presenting a departure from his conventional looks, with teaser and songs revealing a stylish and formidable on-screen persona.

Remarkable Chemistry with Sreeleela

The film showcases remarkable chemistry between Sreeleela and Mahesh Babu, especially evident in the latest single 'Kurchi Madathapetti,' building anticipation for their dynamic on-screen pairing.

Thaman S's Musical Magic

Renowned music director Thaman S infuses soul into "Guntur Kaaram" songs, with tracks like 'Kurchi Madathapetti,' 'Oh My Baby,' and 'Dum Masala' becoming chartbusters, enhancing the film's musical appeal.

Trivikram's Directorial Brilliance

Director Trivikram's reunion with Mahesh Babu after 'Athadu' (2005) heightens anticipation for "Guntur Kaaram," promising a cinematic treat with the director's celebrated scriptwriting and direction.

Star-Studded Cast and Festive Vibes

With a talented cast including Meenakshi Choudhary, Jagapathi Babu, Ramya Krishna, and Jayaram, "Guntur Kaaram" promises a captivating cinematic experience during the festive season amid stiff competition.

Cinematic Celebration for Sankranthi

Positioned as a delightful treat for fans and movie enthusiasts during Sankranthi, "Guntur Kaaram" adds vibrancy to the festive season, competing with other releases in an exciting cinematic celebration and race.

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Guntur Kaaram Movie Review