Guntur Kaaram Movie Review

Ram Srikar

Trivikram's Signature Theme

Trivikram's recurring theme of familial conflicts takes center stage in "Guntur Kaaram," echoing his past works like "Attarantiki Daredi."

Struggles and Familiar Trivikram Formula

While the film follows Trivikram's established formula, "Guntur Kaaram" struggles to balance its emotional narrative with the grandiosity seen in previous hits.

Unconventional Mother-Son Story

The film introduces an unconventional mother-son dynamic, where Ramana resists erasure from his mother's life for her political ambitions, offering a fresh angle to the narrative.

Unnecessary Romantic Detour

The film falters with a romantic subplot, disrupting the story's flow with extended song-and-dance sequences that struggle to integrate seamlessly.

Overlong Scenes and Lack of Motivation

The second half suffers from overlong scenes lacking motivation, contributing to a disjointed narrative, with flat staging and background music diminishing the film's impact.

Mahesh Babu's Standout Performance

Despite narrative challenges, Mahesh Babu's performance shines, providing gravitas and watchability, yet the film fails to live up to the actor's potential.

Lost Potential and Misaligned Expectations

"Guntur Kaaram" hints at both family drama and mass entertainment potential, but misalignment in genre balancing leaves audiences questioning its intended impact and overall positioning.

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Guntur Kaaram Review: Mahesh Babu Fights An Uphill Battle Against A Soulless Script