5 Must-Match Nandamuri Balakrishna Movies

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Bhagavanth Kesari (2023)

Balakrishna shines in this recent release, portraying a powerful and enigmatic character, and the film is anticipated to be a memorable addition to his filmography.

Narasimha Naidu (2001)

Balakrishna's portrayal of the righteous and fearless Narasimha Naidu became an iconic role, solidifying his status as a beloved action hero in Telugu cinema.

Simha (2010)

In "Simha," Balakrishna delivers a dynamic performance as a man with a strong sense of justice, and the film's success adds to his legacy in the industry.

Legend (2014)

Balakrishna's powerful and charismatic portrayal in "Legend" garnered critical acclaim, cementing his reputation as a versatile and compelling actor.

Akhanda (2021)

"Akhanda" showcases Balakrishna in a commanding role, and the film's success further underlines his enduring popularity and on-screen presence in the Telugu film industry.

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