5 Best Art Direction By Milan Fernandez

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Vivegam (2017)

Art Director Milan Fernandez contributed to the stylish and visually captivating sets that enhanced the action-packed sequences and espionage thriller atmosphere in this Tamil film.

Romeo Juliet (2015)

Milan Fernandez's art direction in this romantic comedy added a colorful and vibrant backdrop to the film, complementing the youthful and fun elements of the story.

Veeram (2014)

In "Veeram," Milan Fernandez's art direction played a crucial role in recreating the rustic and traditional village settings, enhancing the film's overall cultural and historical appeal.

Billa (2007)

Milan Fernandez's art direction in "Billa" contributed to the film's slick and stylish look, creating a visually engaging environment that suited the crime thriller genre.

Thunivu (2023)

Milan Fernandez, the art director for the Tamil film “Thunivu” (2023), His work significantly contributed to the aesthetic appeal and authenticity of the film

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