5 Horror Films That Premiered At Cannes

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The Lighthouse

Two lighthouse keepers stay together on a tiny island that has a lighthouse. Soon, isolation makes them unravel in violent ways.

Train to Busan

Leave it to the Koreans to craft a high-stakes zombie film. The film is considered one of the films of the genre, following a group of train passengers during a deadly viral outbreak.


Controversial director Lars von Trier brings grief into a lonely cabin in the woods, crafting a stomach-churning horror movie.

The Skin I Live In

From Pedro Almodóvar comes the tale of a plastic surgeon who wishes to create a type of synthetic skin that protects against damage. He conducts his experiments on a mysterious woman, turning her into a guinea pig for his mania.

Funny Games

Two young men break into a house torment the family who lives there. The film has a disturbingly blunt presentation of its violence.

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