5 Great Comedy Shows On Amazon Prime Video

Team FC

This breezy and deceptively smart new comedy from Greg Daniels follows a man who decides to transpose himself to a virtual afterlife after his untimely death.

The Office
Universally considered one of the most beloved TV sitcoms of all time, Greg Daniels (again) masterfully adapted Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant's British workplace series to an American setting.

Good Omens
Author Neil Gaiman adapted his own 1990 book written with Terry Pratchett with this fantasy comedy that's warm, comfortable and kind. Good Omens follows the unlikely friendship between an angel (Michael Sheen) and a demon (David Tennant).

Parks and Rec
Greg Daniels, yet again, (the dude is a comedy institution) and Michael Schur's hit show follows the misadventures of mid-level city bureaucrats in a small town. A delightful Amy Poehler leads a winning ensemble.

Truth Seekers
It's hard to go wrong with the winning team of Pegg and Frost (The Cornetto Trilogy). Their latest series Truth Seekers (which they also co-wrote and co-created) sees them playing broadband installers who happen to be part-time paranormal investigators.