Top 7 Facts of Jeetu Bhaiya You Didn’t Know | IMDb Spotlight | Jitendra Kumar | Anupama Chopra

Top 7 Facts of Jeetu Bhaiya You Didn’t Know | IMDb Spotlight | Jitendra Kumar | Anupama Chopra

What is the story behind our very own Jeetu bhaiya's Twitter handle?

In IMDb Spotlight, a video series built in branded collaboration with @IMDb , we tell you new and surprising facts about your favorite actors, all sourced from their IMDb page. In this episode, our spotlight is on – Jitendra Kumar urf Jeetu Bhaiya!

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00:00 – Presenting to you, IMDb Spotlight on Jeetu Bhaiya
00:40 – Fact #7
01:09 – Fact #6
01:37 – Fact #5
02:10 – Fact #4
03:12 – Fact #3
03:37 – Fact #2
04:49 – Fact #1

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