Trailer Talk Of Sridevi Soda Center: An Action-Packed Trailer That Focuses More On The Bottle Than The Wine

The Telugu film industry seems to be quickest to move past Covid-related sluggishness with theatrical releases every week. With theatres fully open in both Telugu-speaking states, the industry also seems to have a steady line-up of films releasing in the next few weeks. With an announcement soon on Nani’s Tuck Jagdish and with the news of Shekhar Kammula’s Love Story releasing on the 10th of September, the industry is moving quickly to manage the damage caused by the virus. 

One of the films slated for release on the 27th of this month in Sudheer Babu’s Sridevi Soda Center. The trailer doesn’t give much away but we get a sense of the tone and the violent themes the film will explore. Initial viewing suggests that most of the film will happen in a flashback as the hero recollects his love story with the character played by Kayal Anandhi

With opposition from the girl’s family, the story could also be about how the protagonist is cheated into committing a crime to ensure the woman’s marriage takes place smoothly. Although the plot doesn’t seem to be particularly novel, the making, with its many fights and punch dialogues, could manage to keep the audience interested much like this year’s blockbuster Uppena.

What works in the film’s favour is that it is being directed by Karuna Kumar, who had earlier made Palasa 1978. Sudheer Babu’s most recent outing was the largely disappointing V, co-starring Nani. Like Uppena, the villain of this film too originally works predominantly in the Tamil film industry. Paval Navageetham was most recently seen in Thittam Irandu: Plan B. Music is by Mani Sharma. Nagendra Kasi has written the story, with cinematography by Shamdat Sainudeen (who has earlier worked in films like Vishwaroopam and Uppena) and editing by Sreekar Prasad (RRR, Shershaah).

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