Penguin Trailer Talk: Keerthi Suresh’s Upcoming Thriller Promises A Solid Mystery And A Really Creepy Villain

The trailer of the much-awaited Keerthy Suresh film Penguin is here, and the first impression is very promising. Helped majorly by Santhosh Narayanan’s strangely-affecting and ominous theme, the trailer assures the viewer of an eerie mystery thriller of a mother in search of her missing son.  

As was evident from the film’s teaser, the mystery takes off from the point where the protagonist Keerthy Suresh’s son Ajay goes missing in a hill station-like setting. The kidnapper seems to have taken the boy into a forest with a search area of “1000 sq km”, making the task of finding him almost impossible. The most fascinating aspect about the trailer is how the kidnapper is seen wearing the mask of Charlie Chaplin, making things even creepier.   

Even the opening shot, of a scenic lakeside being disturbed, reminds one of the recent Amazon release Jyotika-starrer Ponmagal Vandhal. But unlike the court case that ensues in the Fredrick directorial,  Penguin seems to deal with Keerthy Suresh’s character having to fight for justice by herself, after the law and order systems fail her. And, like it is in such films, the villain (who is described as a “ruthless monster”) and his unpredictability will decide how exciting the film turns out to be.

Watch the trailer here :

Written and directed by Eashvar Karthic, the Tamil-Telugu bilingual’s music has been composed by Santosh Narayanan, a Karthik Subbaraj regular. 

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