Trailer Talk: Oh My Dog Explores The Relationship Between A Boy And His Dog, Film Companion

Oh My Dog narrates the tale of a boy and his dog. The trailer opens up with a small notorious boy, Arjun and his crazy acts. The elders of the house struggle to discipline him. He also has a dog friend named Simba. His life revolves around Simba and he takes him wherever he goes, even to school.

Vinay Rai who takes interest in the dog’s breed offers to buy the dog. While the family members are happy about it, Arjun is upset. The film also seems to deal with some kid kidnappers, in a comical way. What happens next forms the rest of the plot. The film looks like a light-hearted take on the emotional relationship between Arjun and Simba. 

You can watch the trailer here:


Oh My Dog is written and directed by Sarov Shanmugam. The film stars Arnav Vijay, Arun Vijay and Vijayakumar, the real-life “son-father-grandfather” trio who play the same on screen. Apart from them, Mahima Nambiyar and Vinay Rai play crucial roles.

It is produced by Jyotika & Suriya under the banner 2D Entertainments. The music is composed by Nivas K Prasanna. The film will release in Tamil and Telugu on Amazon Prime Video on April 21.

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