Irandam Kuthu Trailer Talk: The Search Continues For A Good Sex Comedy In Tamil

Santhosh P Jayakumar’s Iruttu Araiyil Murattu Kuththu has apparently spermed spawned a sequel: Irandam Kuthu. The first film called itself an adult comedy, but it had the most juvenile of jokes. Banana = penis. How inventive! Apart from the director, this sequel stars Akriti Singh, Daniel Annie Pope, Meenal and Motta Rajendran, who inaugurates the trailer with a sly dig at Vijay’s song from Master, ‘Oru Kutti Kadhai’. Irandam Kuthu, he says, is “pala kuttigala pottavanoda kadhai”. 

Translation: this is the story of a man who got laid a lot. Then, we get a glimpse of the cast. The hero/director winks at us, as though to say: Sleazy Stuff Ahead. We know. We saw the first film. Then, we get a riff on the soft-porn staple of a woman with soapy hands washing a car. She could also think about washing director Bharathiraja’s ears. He’s disgusted by this trailer, which is all about the birds and the B-cups.

Then the trailer gets classier. A girl makes a masturbating motion with her hand and says too much of it is bad. Then, a ghost lands up. A sexy ghost. She seems about as scary as the banana we soon see in the mouth of a young woman. Again, I ask: this is all you can think of as “adult humour”? Banana = penis. Hindi cinema has had its share of juvenile sex comedies, too, but take Guddu Ka Gun. At least there was a premise: the hero’s junk turned into gold. (Would you label his balls an ‘Au’ Pair?) Here the dialogue writer’s ears have turned into tin. The closing punch of the trailer is a line about a “happy ending”. At least, they could have tried a pun with the place most famous for it: Bang Cock.

And the search continues for a sex comedy that does what the genre promises: mine comedy from sex. You don’t have to get too sophisticated. (The title, here, does after all translate to “second blow”). Maybe just begin by replacing that damn banana with a cucumber or a gourd. Baby steps. They’re saying they will release the film only in theatres. Let’s hope at least the first 15 minutes stands up. Otherwise, the audience may begin to leave and we’d have a case of premature evacuation.

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