Innale Vare Trailer Talk: Asif Ali’s Thriller Is About How Money And Fame Can Change You, Film Companion

Asif Ali plays a famous actor Adhi in Innale Vare and Reba John plays his love interest. Nimisha Sajayan works as an IT employee and Antony Varghese is a talented computer technician. It looks like the events that take place when their roads intersect, intentionally or unintentionally, forms the tense narrative.

The trailer opens with Adhi hitching a ride, from Nimisha Sajayan, who is a very big fan of his acting. But did he seek her help with a plan in mind?

The plotline is driven by the concept that “Money makes you do things that you didn’t think you were capable of.” It also talks about the dark side of fame. In one scene, Adhi is said to be acting even in real life — “He is an actor, he can act anytime, anywhere”. So how can one believe him? Is he guilty of something or is he being framed?

While the major conflict is unknown, the film deals with violence against women, the troubles between Adhi and his girlfriend, the problems Adhi faces after hitching the ride, and how he is caught in a complicated web of passion, fame, and money.

You can watch the trailer here:


Innale Vare is directed by Jis Joy. The story was penned by Bobby and Sanjay. The film stars Asif Ali, Nimisha Sajayan, Antony Varghese, Reba John, Irshad Ali, Rony David, Sreelakshmi, and Athulya Chandra. Bahul Ramesh is the DOP and Ratheesh Raj is the editor. It is bankrolled by Mathew George. The film is slated to stream on SonLIV from June 9. 

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